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Your precious memories organised and preserved to enjoy.

My name is Simone and for many years I have been passionate about photography – not only taking beautiful pictures but also displaying them in a manner of ways using a variety of mediums. The walls of my home are filled with photos, and I also have a small library of photo books which I regularly add to.

With the onset of digital photography, there is no doubt that most people are taking many more photos and videos than they used to – I know that I do. This is great but it can also lead to a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Photos are no longer relegated to one camera – they exist on phones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices. It can be hard to find a particular photo and more often than not, these precious images are left sitting on various devices with the risk of being forgotten, overlooked or in some cases – lost. But the thought of gathering, sorting and backing them up is way too overwhelming.

I know this feeling, as I have been there myself.  Organising your photos is a big job to tackle, but it can be done! Whether it be organising digital photos, sharing photos creatively or organising, scanning and preserving printed photos – I’m here to help.

Whilst browsing through this website, you may have noticed that most of the images used are from my own personal photo archive and form part of my story.

I would like nothing more than to help you tell your own story through the images you have collected over the years.  To find out more about the ways in which I can do this, check out the Services pages of this website.


Adelaide, SA

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